Follow each step for onboarding,

Select the appropriate channels to connect to our shipping software and inventory tracking.

#1. Company Profile, SKU List, and Terms of Service. (required)

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#2. Billing agreement (required)

There is a $1 Membership Fee required at the time of set-up.

The $1 membership will be credited to your bill.
We bill at the end of each day for fulfillment and additional shipment requests. Pallet storage and minimum monthly fees are billed at the end of the month.

Email: to schedule a call to complete the billing process. Please have a credit/debit card ready at the time of call.

Call +1.888.873.8444 and Ask For An Account Set-UP Representative

#3. Channel Connections

#4. Ship Product to Viable Shipping

  • Address for shipping (Step #1 & #2 must be completed)
  • >>> Add Shipments