Changing the World, One Shipment At a Time

From the Home to the Warehouse

In 2022, Tom and Misty decided to take over Viable Shipping from a very good friend. Tom’s friend Randy originally created the business about 8 years ago. He built a very good business and is responsible for the birth of the Company.

Tom had been selling on eBay since 2000, and had learned a lot over those years about buying and selling. Moving into the warehouse side for sellers was something that really intrigued Tom. He has always been one to fix things on his own and find solutions to problems.

Misty and Tom have a strong love for their church and our God. They try their best to carry him in their hearts.

Starting out Tom had started looking for ways to make things better on both sides. There was a new system put into place, upgrades being made immediately and the business is growing. Boom! Viable Logistics was born!

Now, We continue every day to provide for our clients in the best way possible. Your problems are our problems, we will get you running smoothly!

Have a customized need for your business? We can help!