Changing the World, One Shipment At a Time

From the Home to the Warehouse

In 2015, Randy and Sarah decided to risk everything they had to focus on the family. Facing long hours in the corporate world, Randy left his full-time banking job to spend more time at home. Focusing on the e-commerce platform, Randy and Sarah launched their first brand. Little did they know that this leap of faith would be the founding idea for ViableUS, the parent company of Viable Shipping.

By 2017, ViableUS had four independent brands, specializing in selling to the online consumer via multiple sales channels. Faced with piles and piles of products and boxes in their home, Randy and Sarah decided to buy a large warehouse in Farmington, MO (just think small town charm!) to bring sanity back to their own home. Boom! Viable Shipping was born!

Now, nearly a year later, Viable Shipping is thriving with clients big and small. With an understanding of the 3PL world and a focus on order fulfillment, Viable Shipping helps others find and live out their dreams – just like Randy and Sarah.

Inspiring Others to Make a Difference

Viable Shipping was born out of a love for families and the home. We started as a small family owned business, and as we’ve grown over the years, we’ve never lost sight of the importance of relationships. That’s why we value all of our customers – just like family. We’ve recently made an investment into the lives of orphans and widows in Haiti and around the world. A portion of your support goes directly to help restore children back into loving homes. Your partnership makes a difference!

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