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5 Myths About Outsourcing

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Sarah Koehn

5 Myths About Outsourcing

Are you considering outsourcing fulfillment?

If so, you may have some concerns. Here are some common myths about outsourcing.

1. It's too expensive

Generally doing thing yourself is less expensive than hiring help. But when it comes to fulfillment you may actually save money. Very few people have the storage space, bulk packaging purchase discounts, and commercial postage pricing that a 3PL has. In addition, your time is often better spent on tasks that will generate more income. A 3PL will save you time, and this means saving money.

2. No one cares as much as I do about my growth

When outsourcing tasks you fear that the quality of work will decrease. A 3PL, however, is invested in the success of your company. Your success or setbacks directly affect them. (Especially if your fulfillment center is a small business like Viable Shipping.)

3. Outsourcing isn't for small businesses

Fulfillment giants like Amazon dominate the warehouse industry, but this doesn't mean warehouses aren't for you too. A fulfillment warehouse can give you access to the same tools for success with pricing tailored for a small business. 

4. It isn't worth the hassle

Getting set up with a 3PL or switching 3Pl's can seem like a big hassle. It's true that it will take time, but we see it as an investment, not a hassle. The onboarding process sets you up for success and begins a thriving relationship with your 3PL.

5. Customers won't like orders not being shipped by me

A fulfillment center will add value for your customers too. They will be so impressed by the fulfillment speed they won't even ask who shipped the order. In addition, 3PLs often have the ability to use branded packaging, further enforcing brand loyalty.

Do you have any other questions or hesitations about outsourcing fulfillment? If so, get in touch. We'd love to answer them.