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Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

What is pick and pack? Pick and pack is the main process of a fulfillment center.

After an order is placed, the items for that order must be located in the warehouse and retrieved. This process is called picking. We use a streamlined software to pick items efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

After picking, each order must be packed. This refers to packing all items for each order into the appropriate box. Our full picking and packing process is aided by technology, enabling us to fulfill your orders super fast and super accurately.

We customize storage and packaging for each customer. Unlike our competitors, we provide personalized fulfillment services for each of our customers. No one-size-fits all approach here.

How does this benefit me?

  • Super accurate fulfillment
  • Rotate inventory easily
  • Totally customizable experience
  • Save money with our efficient packaging
  • We work with your shipping priorities

Why Choose Viable Shipping?

We are a small team committed to giving you the best customer service experience. You will always talk to the same people. No call transferring. No long hold times. We're here when you need us.   


Real Time Updates

You have access to real time updates on inventory and order fulfillment.


Customer Service Team

We know your business inside and out. We're here when you need us.


Fantastic Shipping Rates

We have negotiated excellent shipping rates that are up to 80% lower than retail.