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What Happened to First Class Mail?

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Sarah Koehn

What Happened to First Class Mail?

If you’ve shipped a package or received one since July of 2023 you may have noticed something different.

In July, USPS introduced a new shipping service—Ground Advantage. Ground Advantage combines First Class Parcel and Parcel Select into one service. 

How Is Ground Advantage Different?

Transit Time

Ground Advantage offers 2-5 day service. This is the same as the transit time for First Class Parcel. It is faster than Parcel Select which offered 2-8 day transit. 

Package Weight

Previously, First Class service could only be used for packages under 13 ounces. After 13 ounces you could use Parcel Select or Priority Mail. With the introduction of Ground Advantage, one service can be used for any package up to 70 pounds.


Ground Advantage offers low cost shipping for packages of any weight throughout the US. (Including Alaska and Hawaii.)

Overall, the introduction of Ground Advantage promises lower rates for packages over one pound and a decrease in transit times. 

Is Ground Advantage a Good Fit for Me?

If you are looking for a low cost shipping option, Ground Advantage may be a great fit. 

If, however, speed is your top priority, another method may be a better option. As 2-5 transit with Ground Advantage is not guaranteed.

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